2016/02/07 - Apache Onami has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.

Release Notes


  • [ONAMI-28] - Do not use code from com.google.inject.internal
  • [ONAMI-49] - drop @Override annotation from methods when implementing interfaces
  • [ONAMI-50] - Still old org.nnsoft package in META-INF/services/org.apache.onami.spi.AcmeService test file
  • [ONAMI-75] - Update tests from pure JUnit to use Onami-Test to avoid boilerplate code
  • [ONAMI-86] - Split the SPI module in small submodules
  • [ONAMI-51] - Services discovered via ServiceLoader must be qualified in the binder in order to address injections
  • [ONAMI-9] - Import SPI donated codebase to ASF SVN
  • [ONAMI-26] - Make all artifactId OSGi name compliant
  • [ONAMI-31] - Update parent pom reference to released 1-incubating version
  • [ONAMI-36] - remove groupId in components where it is inherited from the parent