2016/02/07 - Apache Onami has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.

Welcome to Apache Onami-Lifecycle Warm Up!

Methods annotated with @WarmUp will be called in parallel (using the Java Fork-Join framework). Object dependencies are respected – i.e. given:

  • Object A is dependent on objects B and C and all have warm up methods.
  • Object A’s warm up method will not be executed until both objects B and C’s warm up methods complete.
  • Objects B and C’s warm up methods will execute in parallel.

    Warm up methods are use for things such as cache warming, etc. i.e. tasks that happen after an object is constructed, that take some time and can execute in parallel.

Before starting

Lifecycle Warm Up is available on the Maven Central repo, you just need to add the dependency below in your pom.xml file: